Spending time with your family is extremely important to build the strong bonding between each other. A parent should create the atmosphere in the home where your children are openly having a discussion with you. They should enjoy being with you. Make a close friendship with them so you can actively participate in their day to day life.

In today's busy world parents won’t get much time to spend with their children. The father may have to deal with the official deadline and mother spend her most of time managing the home chore and taking care of children. If she is working women then there will be a very rare occasion when children get some time to spend with their parents.

It becomes very hard to create the childhood memories with the children when their parents are not with them. Parents forget that these are the days, which they are not going to get back again. It is necessary that as a parent, you find the way to make the parenting interesting, so your children will remember it for their rest of the life.

People do various things to make their parenting great and enjoyable. As the social media trend is growing, the need for a unique way to express your joy has become essential. Everyone is trying to do something unique when they are spending time with their children. They want to capture the movement and share with their family and friends. It has become the way to express your love.

Here are some of the ways you can build the strong bonding with your children.

1) Weekend picnic:

Plan a picnic on the weekend and go somewhere far from the crowded city where you can spend some time with your family. Children love traveling and playing outdoors. They will like your idea of having a small picnic at the weekend.

2) Play games at home:

You can choose some physical games that you can play at home or outdoor. The game that requires physical activities is good for children. It boosts their motor skills and allows them to build the strong immune system. It improves the health of the children. Reward the children at the end of the game for actively participating in the play.

3) Capture the fun movement and share on social media:

This is the unique way to engage your children in the social media activity. You get to capture the fun movement of your life. Take a picture of your children, record the funny act done by them and share them on social media sites. Your friends and family members will enjoy your videos and pictures. You will receive a good response from your community.

4) Interesting clothes:

You can now purchase the various kinds of matching daughter and mother shirts, mother daughter matching clothes, mom dad baby t-shirts, like father like son clothing, father son shirt set, father n son shirts, mama and daughter shirts.

These are made with the funny messages printed on the front side of the t-shirt. The idea is the express the bonding between the parents and children in a fun way. There is a wide range of the design options available on the shopping websites. People who are looking to purchase such t-shirt online can visit the www.seedxsew.com. The company offers various types and color options for the families. It is amazing to see father and son or mother and daughter in the same type of t-shirt or in the weird funny messages addressing the thought.

5) Sports activity:

You can take your children to a sports club where they can learn the different kinds of sports. For instance, football, basketball, swimming etc. You will get to spend time with the children and at the same time, your children will learn a new sport.


The parenting is a very challenging job. You have to manage several things while taking care of the children. You can not avoid their childhood for any reason. So make some time for your family and participate in different activities.

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