In our usual busy life, we forget to spend time with  children. We have to understand that our children are growing. This is the time which we are not going to get back. It is essential that you spend some good time with your children every day and make the day extraordinary for your whole family. To enjoy your time with your family you do not always need to go on holiday or plan a picnic.

You can simply manage a few hours in the evening for your family where everyone comes together and participate to create good memories. Your children are going to live with these good movements. They will be remembering the each and every piece of the movement that they have spent with you. By giving little time every day you can make their future bright and also help your family to build a strong bond to keep everyone close.

Here are some tips to make your time more interesting and allow everyone to participate in the family bonding.

1) Family breakfast
Schedule your time according to the children's routine and find some time in the morning where the whole family is having a breakfast together. This is the time where your family will be energetic. You get one portion every day where your spouse and children are all together having their meal.

2) Family Date Night
Occasionally go out in the night on the family date. You can go to the dinner. Choose bowling or miniature golf. Find someplace to hang out such as a nearby park or just stay at home and play board games. The fun activities will make the children enjoy the time.

Try to avoid watching TV or movies as these are not part of the activities. You do not get much time to interact with your family. In the bonding activities, the family should get the chance to speak with each other, communicate about certain things and make the strong connection that lasts longer.

3) Home Chores
In every 15 or 20 days, you can plan the day when all the family members will be getting involved in the home chore. Rearrange all your stuff in the home. Keep everything neat and fix the broken things. Children love to get involved in the activity where you are fixing the stuff.

Your kitchen sink might be broken or there is some leakage in the pipe. Such activities allow your children to work as helping hand and make them learn while working. Home chore activities get everyone close. You get the chance to share your ideas about particular things.

4) Monthly Excursion
Plan the visit to a new place every month. Perhaps, Aquarium, nearby lake, museum, art gallery, theme park or water adventure park. Let your children make a plan and find the places where they would love to go. Assign the task to everyone in the family for the Excursion. Active contribution in finalizing the family picnic will make the children improve their decision making power.

5) Read a Book
Read the book for your children. It might be a prince’s story or the new edge of comic book stories. The purpose of reading is spending some time every night with the children and make them feel comfortable. Give them a warm hug and let them sleep peacefully. In the process, you will transfer your values and ideas to them.

6) Taking pictures and sharing on social media

 Take a picture with your family whenever you are enjoying your time with them. Find creative ways to capture the movement, such as take funny pictures, capture funny movement, take pictures in matching daddy and baby shirts, matching daughter and mother shirts

You can also find family themed shirts in the online store to create the custom look for your family. It will make your picture look unique and people will love to enjoy viewing it.


It is very important that you spend some time with your family to make the strong bond. Follow the given suggestions and create your own plan to spend a good time with your family.

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